Judo Victoria



Judo Victoria is the governing committee to all Judo Clubs in Victoria. They are responsible for engaging new members across Victoria, managing the overarching marketing strategy for Judo Victoria and undertaking the facilitation of  Judo Events across Victoria and Nationally. In June of 2017, Wave Creative was engaged to conduct a website re development project with the objective of an enhanced user experience for new and existing members to encourage new and  existing memberships.


Services provided

  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Events Calendar & Registration
  • Club database
  • Results Page


Our solution for Judo Victoria was a modern, user-friendly website to position them as leaders in the martial arts education industry.

A user-friendly site starts with the hierarchy, positioning and architecture of information within the site. An intuitive site can cut down on the cost on non-compliance or support requests by up to 50%, and contributes significantly to end-user satisfaction.

We use the personas created to drive high-level information architecture brainstorming internally and present stakeholders with sitemap options.





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