Siana Dental Website Redevelopment Case Study

Siana Dental Website Redevelopment Case Study

How We Can Triple Your Lead Volume Through Our Website Design Process.


If you have ever asked the question, “why are some websites free and others cost thousands?” the answer is simple. The return on investment that one website delivers compared to another is vastly different.

At the end of the day we all want a return on in vestment quickly right?


Siana Dental are a Hampton based, quality dental practice. A one stop service oriented practice that pride themselves on the latest technology, a modern approach and environment and dedicated, happy team. The team at Siana Dental contacted us with a website that was outdated and not reflective of their modern facilities and approach.

When we approached the design of sianadental.com.au our goal was to ensure that we reflected their prestigious brand and combined this with their modern approach. Our ficus was to develop a website that continually drives customers to make a booking through validation and conversion optimisation.

Here we explore our unique approach we engage for all of our happy clients.

Phase 1: Data Gathering

A. Site analysis

 The greatest indicator of future conversion success is current behaviour. We inserted a code onto the original site and immediately commenced gathering data. This helps us to understand:

How your visitors engage with your site

The path they take to a conversion (sales funnel)

Which buttons, pages and text are most effective at leading to a conversion

How your visitors engage with your site

We carefully extracted data via heat maps, scroll maps, site recordings, feedback and funnel analysis. Our psychology trained UX expert converted this data into key design components that were be implemented into the initial design. Additional data was collected from google analytics and competitor performance.

The key takeaway was the validation path hundreds of users took to convert. In almost 90% of single product page views, (example sleep dentistry) site visitors took a similar path. Product informastion > price validation > team & dentist validation>product page>conversion (booking page)

This information indicated that the design should bring all of these key elements onto a single page for a higher conversion.

B. Interviews & Journey Mapping

Our team engaged the client to identify key drivers of the business, developing an understanding of the clients business model canvas and brand values.

We looked at:

  • Empathy map
  • Customer Journey
  • Business Model Canvas (including value proposition)
  • Brand Guidelines


Sound great so far? We offer a free analysis of your website including search demand, competitor positioning, performance health check. We follow this up with a 30 minute strategy session. Click the link to book yours today.



Phase 2: UX Design

The design team (graphics and UX) worked together to incorporate best practice design, information architecture and insights into a PDF format for initial review of a single page. This is done to understand if the client is happy with the general direction. Note: our wireframing process is conducted in house to reduce website costs. This means we still conduct a process of layout and information architecture but we produce a sample including images for better results and less cost.


Phase 3: Development & Content Production

On approval of the website direction we commenced with the design of additional pages simultaneously with the development of the wordpress database. Why WordPress? WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by  75 million websites worldwide. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.

The first step in the development process was to convert page designs from PSD (photoshop) to HTML. We laid a visual composer plugin over the html to convert it to a drag and drop admin panel for easy update of information by internal staff at Siana Dental.

Search Engine Optimisaation

  • Before testing our team embarked on a process of optimising the site for search. This involved:
  • Adding alt tags to images
  • Analysing, defining and inserting keywords, page titles and meta descriptions on each page
  • Creating schema markup
  • Checking for H1 and H2 tags on each page
  • Checking for (and eliminating) duplicate content
  • Checking (and Increasing) site speed above 90/100

Our content production on Siana Dental was limited as existing content was in place. Our process involved reviewing content for conversion impact.

Phase 4: Testing

Our testers work from user stories developed in phase 1 that define how users interact with the site and its functions. In this case our functions included information validation and booking.

We tested internally and with the client across the latest hardware technology (desktop, mobile, tablet) and browsers (chrome, safari, firefox)

Phase 5: Deployment

Our team worked with the clients existing host to migrate the site. We also offer the fastest hosting in the world which can reduce deployment time. Once deployed we carefully tested for any issues incurred during migration. We continue to test performance for the next 60 days.

Phase 6: Conversion Optimisation

This is where most development companies hand over the reigns. The question is, how cvan you be sure that the components you integrated with result in higher conversions? For the next 2-6 months we revisit phase 1. Codes are added to your site for monitor and we track the same behaviour to further tweak the site.


How your visitors engage with your site

The path they take to a conversion (sales funnel)

Which buttons, pages and text are most effective at leading to a conversion

How your visitors engage with your site





 The Final Site

Interested to understand how our clients found the experience? Listen to feedback directly from the Practice Manager at Siana Dental in Hampton – Jessica Nair


If you are looking to maximise your marketing dollars in 2018 it might be time to consider a website upgrade. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to understand what you need from your current site.


Liza Simpson
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