We have a new look!

We have a new look!

Back in the early naughties I was making cocktails at 3am and refusing point blank to grow up.

It had been 8 years since I left school, I had diligently completed a communications media degree and then proceeded to spend every waking moment managing bars in clubs and restaurants. I still vividly remember the moment that finally realised what I wanted to be when I grew up. Working in one of Melbourne’s busiest restaurants (cheap food, cheap cocktails and loud music) I was wrapping up a 16 hour shift, bleary eyed and at the end of cleaning the bar for 2 hours I looked down at the beer soaked mop and aid to myself…this isn’t it.

It wasn’t a road to discover to find out what I was passionate about, I obsessed over commercials, what worked and what didn’t. I planned marketing strategies for brands I’d never work with, at 3am. I mapped out product launches and implementation. I did question if this was normal, 23 years old and all I could think about was marketing. So I headed back to university and studied the core of what drove me, behavioural science with a major in marketing. It took a few years of corporate life to steer me back but I spent years working with the brands I had dreamed about!

When I first launched Wave Creative I was home with my third baby – still in the role as General Manager Of Strategy at one of Melbourne’s best digital Agencies, Artlivemedia (now Foresight Digital). I needed to work at my own pace so I launched what would start as a freelance agency.

Nearly 3 years later? My little side hustle has become more than a full time job, it’s the digital agency I always dreamed of. I’ve worked with and learned from  some of the best marketers in the world, I have formed mastermind communities with leaders and movers and shakers.

I’ve overseen more than 20 contractors, developed more than 50 websites and helped scale more than 15 businesses. I’ve moved my little home office into a co-warehouse/office space and laid down the foundations of a businesses dedicated to the growth of business small and large.

The next step? Over the last 3 years I have explored the practice of mindset to help with everything from productivity to personal growth. In this time the idea that this business is value driven has grown and developed into what we will take with us into 2019 and beyond.

Our road map is built on what we know we can deliver, the clients we want to work with and the values we want to bring every single day. We are strategists,  data driven, transparent, honest, inspired, innovative and socially aware.

In July this year I made a swift pivot to focus the business on these core strengths and values, I grew these strengths by bringing in more expertise. And so my little personal freelance business, Wave Creative, needed a grown up brand to match.

I have had an amazing 3 years and would never trade a day so Wave Creative Marketing has grown up a little and we are WCM Digital.

We are look forward to partnering with brands that see a future for themselves and their team.

If you want to know more about who we are schedule a call with me or my team at WCM Digital.




Liza Simpson
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